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We all know the feeling of scrambling to get ready before a meeting begins – and it’s not a good one! In order to increase productivity and efficiency, you’ve got to put in the work before you walk into (or sign in to) the meeting room. 


Consider who can help you accomplish your goals and who will be affected by the meeting’s outcome. Identify key decision-makers, subject-matter personnel, those who need to be informed in order to do their jobs, and anyone who will be required to implement decisions made.


Detail steps will be layout to you in this course.


Course Content

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Better Meetings



  1. Lesson 1: Introduction
  2. Lesson 2: Prepare prior meeting agenda
  3. Lesson 3: Simplify your communication
  4. Lesson 4 : Establish dress code
  5. Lesson 5: We need a good leader
  6. Lesson 6: Turn off your gadgets
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