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Why is certification important?
  • Independent Academic Certification

Independent Academic certification gives you external validation to additional knowledge you have acquired.

  • Enhance Your Career

Softsales courses are focused on practical and applicable skills that give you the tools and systems to go further in your business or career.

  • Improve Your Performance

With practical skills and certification, you are ready to find your dream job or achieve better results for your business or organization.

Recognised Certificate in Singapore

Softsales has designed its content to be assessed by international academic and professional organizations. By working with trusted industry experts, Softsales ensures its education delivery provides a quality certification program for students that are externally validated and recognized in Singapore.

Certified by:

Voices of Sales - Located in Singapore, Voices of Sales has partnered with Softsales to certify courses that will empower students with the skills, adaptive thinking habits of mind it will take to lead the way in a constantly changing digital world.

There is an increasing expectation for professionals and business owners to undertake Continuing Professional Development regardless of industry sector, career level, job role, and responsibilities. Softsales ensures that both academic and practical qualifications do not become outdated allowing students to upskill or reskill. Softsales courses have been formally certified by Voices of Sales Singapore and completed courses bear the Voices of Sales approved logo.

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